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Lethal Enforcers CPO

Last Duel CPO (By Capcom)

Lock ?N? Chase CPO (Nihon Bussan/AV Japan)

Lost Tomb CPO (Stern)

Last Bounty Hunter Marquee

Last Chance Saloon Bottom Bezel

Last Chance Saloon Top Bezel

Last Mission Bezel (Nihon Bussan/AV Japan)

Legendary Wings Bezel (Capcom)

Lethal Enforcers Marquee (Konami)

Lady Bug Bezel

Lady Bug Marquee (Universal)

Lady Bug Type 2 Marquee (Universal)

L.S.A. Land Sea Air Squad Marquee (Taito)

Last Duel Marquee (Capcom)

Last Mission Marquee (Nihon Bussan/AV Japan)

LED Storm Marquee (Capcom)

Legendary Wings Marquee (Capcom)

Legends of Kage Marquee (Taito)

Legion Marquee (Nichibutsu)

Lemans Marquee (Atari)

Leprechaun Cabaret Marquee (Moppet Video)

Lethal Weapon Marquee

Life Force Marquee (Konami)

Lil? Hustler Marquee (Dynamo)

Loco Motion Marquee (Centuri)

Lode Runner Marquee (Irem)

Looping Marquee (Venture Line)

Lost Tomb Marquee (Stern)